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Zaxby's Adds Virtual Gifting and Mobile Offerings to Gift Card Program

Zaxby’s Franchising LLC has selected the Patronix upgraded gift card solution that streamlines reconciliation of gift card activity at the Point of Sale (POS), while adding new capabilities such as a virtual gifting and mobile offerings. The Paytronix Gift Card Program enhancements make it easier for customers to share their loyalty toward a brand through the giving of gift cards, and for finance teams to reconcile sales and redemptions across multiple locations.
By automating some accounting activities and discount tracking, Paytronix eliminates the complexities of gift activity across franchisees and third-party gift card sales channels.
The upgraded Paytronix gift card offering reduces the time teams spend reconciling and accounting for gift card sales and redemptions while providing merchants with further opportunities for generating gift card sales—through virtual gift cards, third-party retail sales, and promotional ingenuity.
Available as a stand-alone program or integrated to the Paytronix Rewards Platform, the Paytronix Gift Card Program ensures an exceptional guest experience at all touch points: in-store; mobile; social networks; and online. With a proven process for migrating large gift card programs, Paytronix customers maintain exceptional guest experiences by avoiding downtime and other common issues.
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