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YUM International Wirelessly Networks Cooking Appliances

Yum! Restaurants International (YRI), a division of Yum! Brands, has chosen the Kitchen Brains’ architecture and web-based solution, Quality Production Management (QPM) for some of its KFC international restaurants.
Kitchen Brains’ QPM application is a systemic solution that wirelessly networks cooking appliances and provides real-time monitoring and administration capabilities, while delivering meaningful results. In addition to providing a host of remote management capabilities and compliance oversight, QPM enables restaurant teams more time to focus on hospitality and the guest experience.
"In a consumer-focused industry like ours, delivering on the brand promise is paramount. SCK's [Kitchen Brains’] process automation solution enables us to deliver an even better experience for our customers and truly reinforces our ‘customer mania’ philosophy," says Jack Clare, CIO for Yum! Restaurants International. The framework agreement enables Yum! Restaurants International and Kitchen Brains to immediately deploy the system into additional international markets.
“SCK’s [Kitchen Brains’] adaptable system architecture enables it to interface with our diverse landscape of existing IT solutions by market and more rapidly deliver benefits to the YRI system,” adds Clare. “This is a strategic path agreement that will evolve over time as we gain more experience and our team learns how to extract further value.”
Kitchen Brains’ technology connects all the components of food preparation--refrigeration, cooking, rethermalization, baking, and holding--into a seamless environment that is managed and accessible, even remotely, from anywhere. Kitchen Brains streamlines equipment diagnostics, maintenance and service, while reducing operating costs and increasing sales.

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