Workforce Solutions Company Launches Paid COVID-19 Training for Hospitality Shift Workers

National gig-economy staffing business and workforce solutions company, Headway Workforce Solutions, is offering a paid online training to the first 400 restaurant workers who sign up for shift work in Austin and Houston, Texas. Each trainee will earn $50 to learn how to serve customers safely during COVID-19. Headway Hospitality, a division of Headway Workforce Solutions, hosts the ongoing web training for gig workers online. Trainee Andrea S. states, "Lots of knowledgeable facts on the new normal way to work in the hospitality industry. Not just the industry but overall great information to know about COVID-19."

"We want our employees to know what to expect, how to safely work in restaurant operations and what restaurant industry leaders use as best practices," says Headway Workforce Solutions Director of Staffing Operations Doug Shelow. As a continuation of the successful CHoPS Hospitality Training program, Headway holds employees to high standards of accomplishment and dedication to the industries they serve. 

According to the Texas Restaurant Association, the Texas Restaurant Industry has lost nearly 700,000 jobs to COVID-19. Based on estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in March and April, the unemployment numbers for NAICS industry code "72" (the Accommodation and Food Services sector) was hit heavier than any other industry with over 6 million jobs lost nationwide. Only 25% of those jobs have returned with May posting a positive 1.4 million jobs gained. "We see a great opportunity to help restaurant workers, and by extensions restaurants, in Texas get back on their feet with gig work," says Headway Workforce Solutions Executive Chairman, JP Sakey. He continues, "Establishments are opening slowly and cautiously, which aligns well with using a shift-based workforce, now, as well as for future operations. The app we offer to restaurateurs is an online marketplace for restaurant workers called ShiftGig. They plug in the shift or gig they need assistance with, and Headway can provide an immediate or long-term need quickly. Hospitality employees can work 25% and keep their unemployment benefits - plus the $600 extra they are collecting from the CARES Act. It is a win for restaurants, restaurant workers, patrons, and the state economy." 

To qualify for the $50 training payment and become COVID-19 Gig Ready, potential employees must be at least 18 years of age and have six months of hospitality work experience. Workers who sign up for gigs will also receive free access to the National Restaurant Association's ServSafe food handler certification program, if needed. If the participant passes the exam, they will receive the ServSafe ASTM accredited certificate valid for two years.

Potential employees should visit to learn more and see if they qualify to get paid to learn. Employers looking to hire shift workers, should visit This exciting new program is launching as a test in Austin and Houston, and if successful, will branch out to the rest of the state and nation.

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