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WorkChew Transforms Unused Space in Restaurants, Hotels into Work Spaces

WorkChew, a women-led startup that transforms unused space in the city's most dynamic restaurants and hotels into safe workspaces with discounted eats, announced its launch in Chicago. This is the 4th market and counting for the company, which first launched in Washington, D.C., in 2020.  
In a time where many companies are transitioning to hybrid workplace models, WorkChew presents itself as a game-changing solution that’s benefiting work-from-anywhere professionals, their companies and the hospitality industry. The company was co-founded in 2018 by CEO Maisha Burt and COO Allyson McDougal, who at the time were suffering from the inconsistencies of remote working as entrepreneurs. Little did they know, the pandemic was just around the corner. Now WorkChew is the perfect option for employees and their organizations seeking options for remote-friendly workspaces.  
“The pandemic brought an entirely new shortage of on-demand workspaces, with restaurants changing hours and coffee shops removing seating for social distancing,” said the founders. “When a professional can’t meet their need for a pleasant workspace, it has enormous implications on productivity, mental health and the overall ability to perform well on the job.”  
WorkChew offers a subscription-based digital marketplace that connects individuals and companies with local hotels and restaurants that are offering safe, productive space for work. Memberships provide options to reserve socially distanced indoor or outdoor seating, receive discounts on food and beverages with contactless ordering, and access to special events and products. Perks at some locations include bottomless coffee, happy hours, networking opportunities and more. Membership prices start at $50/month. 
"WorkChew is a great solution for both individuals and organizations. On the corporate side, that means less miles traveled for employees, fewer dollars spent by the company on more expensive co-working space or multiple office spaces based on employee locations, and incremental revenue for hospitality partners,” said Burt. “We’re excited to bring the service to Chicago.”  

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