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Wolfgang Puck Continues TMx Labor Management Tech Relationship with New Restaurant Installation

The Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group has completed another successful installation of TimeManagement Corporation's labor management system. Named for its world-renowned chef and founder, the Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group consists of 17 restaurants across the United States. Since the opening of its flagship restaurant, Spago, on the Sunset Strip in 1982, Wolfgang Puck has become known for providing extraordinary culinary experiences--offering creative menus, innovative tastes and the finest in genuine hospitality.
Debbie Graham, Puck's manager of systems and audits, says the decision to use TMx was an easy one. "As a restaurant-specific product, TMx provides far more value than the timekeeping systems that are typically provided within POS packages," she says. "The solution incorporates all of the elements unique to our industry, such as varying overtime and break requirements across different states. These inclusions are critical for our managers."
In addition, Graham's team appreciates how well TMx integrates with other systems.  "We recently upgraded our payroll processor and were pleased with how seamlessly we are able to export pay data from TMx," she explains. "The alternative would have been manual entry of a lot of data."
Always on the lookout for ways to improve performance, Puck has reviewed other labor management options, but the firm continues to rely on TimeManagement. "We've looked at several other products over the years," says Graham, "but none of them have measured up to the TMx solution. We've worked with TimeManagement across more than 15 installations, and we've had excellent results."
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