Woflow Raises $3.5M to Launch Merchant Data Platform

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

Woflow, the data infrastructure company behind some of the highest growth online ordering and food delivery platforms, has raised $3.5M in seed funding to launch the Merchant Data Platform. The platform is a standardized, automated approach to merchant data operations that already powers thousands of interactions a day, through a simple API.

Companies including DoorDash, Snackpass, and Chowly already use Woflow to onboard and maintain merchant data on their platforms.

The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation across industries including restaurants and local business. This has led to the fast growth of online ordering and delivery ecosystems, which has, in turn, accelerated demand for Woflow's Merchant Data Platform. As partners seek to streamline their merchant data processes, Woflow has begun to expand its platform and is doubling revenue month over month.

Without Woflow, platforms and marketplaces are saddled with a complex web of manual processes, vendors and vendor management to keep their merchant data up-to-date. The resulting high operational costs and inconsistent quality reflects poorly on local business. Woflow's infrastructure platform solves this through automation - helping companies deliver a positive customer experience and driving sustained growth.

"As Snackpass continues through a period of enormous growth across many new markets, Woflow's Merchant Data Platform solved one of our biggest bottlenecks — onboarding merchant data — and turned it into a delightful step," said Kevin Tan, CEO of Snackpass.

Partnering closely with customers, Woflow has facilitated the onboarding of 500,000+ merchants and their data.


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