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Will Smart Beds Be the Next Big Thing for Guest Rooms?

Bryte, known for creating an AI-connected and robotics-powered bed, has recently launched its platform to license its patented restorative sleep technology as a turn-key solution to accelerate widespread adoption across mattress manufacturers at scale. 

"We believe that the Bryte platform will accelerate the restorative sleep tech revolution for the entire $432bn sleep industry, much as Luminar is accelerating autonomous driving adoption across automakers and Carbon is accelerating mass customization in the manufacturing industry," says Amy Huang, co-founder of ARCHina Capital. "Bryte is poised to become the Android of sleep."

The Bryte team, led by CEO Ely Tsern PhD, is comprised of leaders in licensing, AI, software, robotics, and sleep science.  Its sleep advisory board includes doctors from Stanford University and is led by Bryte's Lead Sleep Science Advisor, Dr. Matthew Walker, Founder and Director of the UC Berkeley Center for Human Sleep Science, and best-selling author of "Why We Sleep."

Bryte's in-bed technology measures, learns, tests, and applies what each sleeper needs to optimize their restorative sleep through real-time control of temperature, pressure points, and room environment. The success of Bryte's flagship product - The Restorative Bed™ demonstrates the capability of the platform to improve restorative sleep by increasing total sleep time, improving sleep efficiency (reducing night-time wake events) and optimizing the balance of Light, Deep and REM sleep for each individual sleeper. 

Bryte's sleepers enjoy a personalized sleep experience, with firmness and temperature configured to each sleeper separately from their partner.  With in-built sensors and 100 computer-controlled pneumatic coils, the bed learns each sleeper, keeping track of individual sleep partners' sleep quality, sensing pressure points and temperature and making real-time adjustments for optimum comfort. The bed helps users fall asleep with multi-sensory relaxation and gently wakes with temperature and light to simulate natural sunrise. Upon waking, users receive a full analysis of their night's sleep.

Bryte's integrated cloud-based service employs Evolutionary Learning - an advanced form of AI - alongside Machine Learning (ML) and advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to autonomously craft the optimal sleep environment for each individual sleeper in real time through each night. 

In addition to the unprecedented level of digital technology and in-bed robotics, the Bryte experience is luxurious in every detail.  Bryte has even partnered with five-star hotels, wellness resorts and hospitality companies including Auberge Hotels, Carillon Miami, The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills and Inspirato among others, to offer Bryte Restorative Beds for guests.

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