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Westmont Hospitality Group Optimizes Rates with Real-Time Intel

Westmont Hospitality Group has teamed with Revcaster LLC, a Rainmaker Group Company, to maximize ADR based on same-day competitive rate information for Westmont and has established rate parity across OTA channels.  
Westmont Hospitality Group was founded in 1975. What started with a single hotel in North America, has grown to become one of the largest privately-held hospitality organizations in the world.
General Managers use Revcaster rate shopping data to understand their property’s position in their market rate mix. Westmont uses it for real-time comp-set rate intelligence that gets results with very little training.
Revcaster market reports are easy to understand so managers know rates and availability at all the properties in their market.
Revcaster reports let properties see what rate their comp-set is selling rooms, the availability, and average position against the competition. The value of Revcaster rate shopping data is that it is online and very flexible; managers can access it anytime and it is continuously updated. Managers can click on a comp property and see each room type and its rate.
The Rainmaker Group recently acquired Revcaster. Revcaster integrates seamlessly with Rainmaker’s GuestREV® and GroupREV® systems and expands and strengthens Rainmaker’s product suite, providing the most comprehensive revenue management suite to traditional hotels, casino hotels, and resort hotels.   
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