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Westin St. Francis Installs SAFLOK MT Locks

The Westin St. Francis will soon complete a total electronic lock installation of SAFLOK's MT lock and System 6000 operating system. The hotel will replace 1200 guest room locks, 28 meeting room locks, and three common area readers for the Business Center, St. Francis Health Club and Spa, and the Post St. Entrance.

According to Ernie Campos, director of engineering, The Westin St. Francis, "Our Hotel is of a very high caliber and we need a product of equal quality. Because of the volume of guests we accommodate on a daily basis, I saw the immediate need for an electronic lock system that better suited our needs."

"SAFLOK MT is a mechanically superior and more durable system than the system we previously had in place," says Campos. "It is very reassuring to work with a product that is relatively problem free. Since the new SAFLOK system has been installed, we are experiencing fewer operational concerns and can now devote more attention to other guest issues that will enhance guest satisfaction and productivity," Campos added. The previous system in place was unable to accommodate the Hotel's high occupancy rate.

Campos also notes that the SAFLOK solution is user-friendly. Both the locks and operating system are easy to program and much easier to troubleshoot. Campos' favorite feature is that the locks are easy to audit.

The SAFLOK MT electronic lock is the company's flagship product. It has the ability to read three different types of keycard media: smart card, memory, and magstripe technologies. This multi-technical capability is a standard feature that SAFLOK provides at no additional charge. The lock stores a use-history of up to 5,900 entries.

The System 6000 operating program is a Windows-based system. Some user-friendly features include: point-and-click functionality, username and password protection to ensure that each user accesses the program with the rights assigned to their access level, lost or stolen key cancellation and replacement; customizable keycard programmability; and detailed system reporting. System 6000 also features the remote technical support feature that enables a SAFLOK technician to remotely access the property's system to rectify and troubleshoot any problem. For the property's security, this access is password-protected.
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