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Westin Atlanta Airport 'Purifies' Guestroom Environment

Travelers to Atlanta, Georgia can breathe a little easier, knowing The Westin Atlanta Airport has announced that they have become the first Westin hotel in the city to introduce PURE Allergy Friendly Rooms. The Westin is setting a new standard by introducing 25 new PURE rooms which create an allergy-friendly environment and remove up to 98% of bacteria and viruses. Travelers who suffer from allergies and asthma can now enjoy the cleanest, freshest air in their rooms and enjoy a more restful sleep during their stay.

The Westin Atlanta Airport is proud to be the first Westin hotel in the entire Atlanta Area to offer the world's travelers an innovative guestroom experience where their stay will be ultra-comfortable, even if they have severe allergies or chemical sensitivities. These guest room enhancements confirm the hotel's Westin commitment to wellness and breathing clean, invigorating air.

"Millions of Americans are affected by allergies, and Atlanta has experienced some of the highest pollen counts ever recorded. Our PURE Rooms are designed to provide an allergy-friendly, healthy alternative for our guests," says General Manager Bill Henderson. "The Westin culture is all about preserving wellness in travel."

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has indicated that indoor air pollutants can be up to 100 times higher than outdoor air. These cutting-edge PURE Rooms provide hypo-allergenic hotel accommodations for travelers suffering from allergies or asthma. The rooms provide an environment that improves breathing and sleep for hotel guests.

The PURE concept utilizes special purification techniques whereby each room is treated comprehensively to remove allergens and irritants from all surfaces, fabrics and air flow.

The cutting-edge and rigorous conversion process designed by PURE Solutions ensures that air handling units are deeply cleaned and sanitized then equipped with the company's specially made Tea Tree Oil Cartridge. PURE Tea Tree Oil is an all natural antiseptic and disinfectant that maintains the sanitary conditions created during the initial conversion process. Soft surfaces are sanitized with PURE Clean to eliminate irritants and contaminants that can trigger allergies and cause discomfort. The room next undergoes a one-time shock treatment to kill any remaining living organisms and their associated irritants. A bacteriostatic barrier called PURE Shield is then applied to all surfaces to prevent the growth of bacteria.

To maintain these ideal conditions in the room, a state-of-the-art air purification system is installed, creating air quality that averages four times cleaner than the threshold necessary for asthma patients. This system is classified by the FDA as a Class II medical device. Special micro-fiber, hypo-allergenic pillow cases and mattress covers are used to reduce allergies triggered by dust mites.

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