WebRezPro Eliminates Data Barriers with Hapi Connection

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

WebRezPro cloud property management system (PMS) by World Web Technologies Inc. (WWT) now integrates with Hapi, a cloud data streaming and integration platform designed to solve the hospitality industry’s rapidly expanding data management challenges.

Aggregating and standardizing data from diverse hotel systems, Hapi acts as a central data hub for faster, easier system integration that empowers hotels to elevate the guest experience and unlock opportunities for innovation.

An open yet secure data ecosystem is key to hotel innovation and progress, but proprietary data integration can be expensive and slow. Using an open model based on proven, scalable technology, the cloud-based Hapi platform unifies data from contributing systems—adding multiple layers of encryption, authentication, and governance—to reduce the cost and time to connect hotel systems, while improving security, scalability and control.

Through integration, data published to Hapi from WebRezPro and other hotel systems is normalized into a universal format that can be understood and utilized by various receiving systems, including CRM solutions, business intelligence platforms, contactless check-in applications and more, for bi-directional, real-time data flows that enable deeper insights and seamless automation. Hapi integration gives both hoteliers and software providers access to APIs and connectors that allow them to deploy integrated solutions more efficiently, breaking down barriers to innovation.

“WebRezPro customers benefit from a very progressive WebRezPro organization focused on their customers’ success.  With Hapi, they can easily connect to partners like Salesforce, enabling them to drive new revenue at a time that it is sorely needed.  They can also connect to guest chat apps at a time that guests are looking for digital engagement, and they can do that both quickly and easily,” said Luis Segredo, CEO of Hapi’s Data Travel.

“Frictionless, secure data exchange is the way forward in hospitality and we’re excited to offer a connection to such an advanced data streaming solution as Hapi,” said Frank Verhagen, President at WWT. “Our integration with Hapi makes it easier and more affordable to connect other hotel systems to WebRezPro and unleashes further potential for exciting new opportunities.”

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