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Web-Based Application Adds Efficiencies to Multiple Departments at Downtown Hotel

When a VIP visiting the bustling 567-room Delta Toronto required 30 limousine transfers during his family’s stay, GoConcierge made managing that trip easy thanks to its ability to quickly and accurately generate itineraries. “We were able to send a highly professional 30-page document with personalized confirmation letter to the guest with ease thanks to GoConcierge,” says Genevieve Moir, Chef Concierge at the Delta Toronto and Member, Les Clefs d'Or Canada. Itinerary generation is just one of the many tasks efficiently accomplished through GoConcierge, the lodging industry’s leading guest service operations solution.

GoConcierge is used at the Delta Toronto not only by the four-person concierge team but also by all duty managers, front desk and switchboard personnel, and associates who receive packages. Outside of the concierge team, 25 associates have access to GoConcierge.

GoConcierge is primarily used for task tracking, ensuring that no task is forgotten—critical at the busy property which routinely has a 100 percent occupancy. Using GoConcierge’s Guest Task Calendar, the concierge team can log and track guest and other requests and tasks quickly and easily. With just a few clicks, these can be entered and located. The calendar is color coded, which makes it easy to highlight open, pending and closed tasks. Point-to-point directions and maps also can be generated quickly.

Tracking and accessing information
Receivers of packages at the hotel enter the information immediately in GoConcierge. The information is put into a flashing state, prompting another associate to take action. Once the package is delivered to the guest, the task is closed. Moir says the in-room dining department will also be using GoConcierge soon to track amenities.

“Having the ability to look back, I can see patterns from month to month,” adds Moir. “I can look back in time to see how work load varied during a particular group’s visit. It helps with scheduling.”

GoConcierge’s text messaging option in the Calendar is another feature that is frequently used to help provide immediate and easy communication between the concierge and guests and the concierge and suppliers such as limousine drivers. Concierges use the calendar to send instant messages up to 160 characters in length to the recipient’s cell phone. When the recipient responds to the text message, it automatically appears in the Calendar as a flashing message to alert the concierge so the request can be handled quickly.

“Most of the front office team uses text messaging to let guests know when a room is ready,” Moir says. “Concierges use it to let guests know when tickets are ready. It is endless how we use it.”

Customized reports assist with VIP treatment

Buttons on the GoConcierge screen link directly to frequently visited sites. A customized location database within GoConcierge allows concierges to quickly identify area restaurants and attractions. Many different types of reports are also available. At the Delta Toronto, the first report generated in the morning is a transportation report. It is given to the doorman and valet company so they are aware of arriving guests. “It helps us anticipate VIP arrivals,” Moir says. A packages report is sent to the banquet team every night. This allows them to know what packages are in the storage room.

Having used other systems in the past, including manual ones, Moir is thrilled to be using GoConcierge. “Before GoConcierge, there were packages that were missing. Nothing had a time stamp to it or initials attached to it,” she says. “With GoConcierge there are fewer mistakes. It is incredibly helpful for overnight staff to have access to the previous day’s activity. GoConcierge helps keep everyone on the same page.”

“GoConcierge allows Genevieve and her team to provide the highest level of service and professionalism while maximizing efficiency and productivity,” says Peter Gillis, General Manager of the Delta Toronto.

Moir says that whenever she has had a question or concern about GoConcierge, has been quick to respond. “The response time has never been longer than five minutes,” she says. “The response time is incredible.”

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