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WATCH: Wing Lam on Making Technology More Human

At MURTEC 2024, Wing Lam, CEO of Wahoo's Fish Taco, shared how the brand is making technology more human and the origin of the locals' line.
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In this 4- minute excerpt, Wing Lam shares the origin of the Locals Line at Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, and how technology is helping to make more connections with the brands' customers.

From MURTEC 2024 - Restaurant CEOs: What Keeps Us Up at Night 


  • Michael Montagano - Dog Haus 
  • Wing Lam, Wahoo's Fish Taco 

We’re sharing the “corner office” perspective with technology professionals, digging into the most pressing challenges and opportunities restaurant brand leaders are facing now — and what they think may be on the horizon. 

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This is a small excerpt from one of the dozens of video interviews and sessions at MURTEC 2024. 

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