Wasserstrom and Creating Revolutions Partner for Restaurant Guest Service Technology

Wasserstrom, the restaurant supplier and distributor of foodservice supplies and equipment, partnered with Creating Revolutions, creators of mobile technologies for restaurants and retailers, to distribute Service Pager with Touch & Discover technology.
Service Pager is a customizable system, commercially proven to increase table turnover by an average of 10 minutes, improve workflow, reduce errors, and increase high-profit item sales by 32%, as well as bigger server tips. Market analysis of the technology has shown its industry potential, for many hospitality types, such as profit increases of more than 1,200 percent in resort beach and poolside hotels, and 900 percent for sports bars.
Based on 11-patented technologies, the product features next-generation Quantum security and privacy. It is also self-sustaining and requires no infrastructure. Guests merely slide their personal cell phones on a Touch & Discover disc adhered to the table and securely communicate their requests to the server.  The companies maintain that the Service Pager was not created to replace the human element, but rather, enhance it.
Service Pager comprises three patented technology components:
1.      Touch & Discover Table/Bar Disc which can be highly personalized and requires no Wi-Fi, Internet access, recharging nor power cord, yet can last up to 10 years
2.      Notification Device Platform is designed to run on infinite number of possible connected devices. They offer a Notification Watch that can last up to two weeks without a recharge and translate multiple languages to the waiter, making it truly universal
3.      Employee Smart ID Fob that wirelessly and securely confirms which server reached the customer and how long it took to arrive
Key features include:
•   Works on 95% of Smart Phones including most iPhone and Android devices
•   Secure point-to-point communication and a way to market any brand digitally, even through social media, to an audience that is best positioned for impulse buying.
•   Can run seamlessly, on every major operating system and most POS terminals
•   Core hardware technology requires no Wi-Fi or Internet, yet can communicate nearly anywhere
•   Average setup and go time for a restaurant is 30 minutes with no technical proficiency necessary
•   ROI is reached with less than 1% of customers using it per month
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