Waitlist App Evolves into Complete Guest Management System

Long Range Systems (LRS) has announced an updated version of On Cue for Restaurants (OCR), the only waitlist app that integrates with multiple hardware tools to form a complete table management solution.
When integrated with LRS guest pagers, OCR provides restaurant guests the option of being notified by either text message or by an LRS guest pager. New in version 2.0 is integration with Table Updater, a handheld device that allows staff to update table status from across the restaurant. Also new is the ability to sync the app on up to three iPads in a single location.
The ability of OCR to run and synchronize on up to three iPads simultaneously creates flexibility for restaurants that have multiple hosts, points of entry, or independently managed seating areas. An activity log provides a running status so that all users remain informed of actions taken by other staff interfacing with the app.
Finally, the latest version of OCR provides multiple language options, a key differentiator for multinational brands.
LRS is known for inventing the original guest pager for the restaurant industry in 1995. The updated version of OCR represents the company’s evolution in wait time management with features that promote efficiency at the host stand while delivering real-time visibility into table management.
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