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Waitbusters Releases Restaurant Front of House Tech

Waitbusters Dining, a Virginia-based provider of restaurant technology solutions, announced that it launched its premier front of house technology, Digital Diner. Digital Diner enables total Guest Management services by a host or hostess, enables customers to get in line or make a reservation remotely, skip the line, view menus and more. This technology saves restaurants considerable cost on buzzer technology and allows them to avoid over-crowded lobbies, frustrated customers and third-party wait line and reservation apps.

The key features of this technology include:

  • SMS Marketing enables two-way personalized communication before, during and after the meal.
  • The Wait Line Widget eliminates buzzers and pen/paper. Guests get in line remotely and check their wait times from their mobile device. The widget can be embedded on both websites and social media pages. 
  • Facebook Integration enables embedding the wait line widget and reservation widget directly on a business page.
  • Location Updates allow restaurants to view the location of a guest or party in line. This feature can assist in adjusting the guest’s spot in line, moving tables and more.
  • Reservations Widget can be embedded directly on a website and Facebook page.
  • Skip the Line feature permits guests to jump ahead in a wait line for a fee.
  • Analytics shows you how many guests were seated, average wait time in line, no-shows, reservations made and more.
  • The Guest Manager not only enables wait line and reservation management, but it also facilitates setting up seating charts and server sections.
  • Social Media Sharing gives customers a discount at a restaurant just for sharing each time they get in line or make a reservation.
  • VIP Flagging enables restaurants to flag guests automatically based on frequency of visits or other special status criteria. 
  • No Show Flagging helps restaurants to avoid losing money in labor and overhead, reduce food spoilage and ensure that reserved tables do not remain empty.
  • With the 24-7 Dining Concierge, customers will be able to easily peruse menus, get in line, order food, get directions, read and submit reviews, book a table and even get in touch with someone live. 
  • Auto Server Rotation intelligently suggests where a guest should be seated based on data and pre-determined preferences.

Waitbusters Dining has proven its success with its initial pilot partner, The Busy Bee Café in Atlanta, GA.  Over a two month period more than 8,000 patrons were seated using Digital Diner, via The Busy Bee Café’s website at, without a hitch. The patrons got in line and then were able to shop, browse or peruse the neighborhood freely knowing they would get a text message when they were close to being seated. Besides making the lobby inviting for incoming patrons, this solution also alleviated concerns by Chief Operations Manager Jennifer Smash of potential fire code violations.

“It was amazing how easy it works,” Smash said.  “We are getting a great feedback from our customers. They are able to get in line without waiting in our small location. Our customers have raved about this new system.”

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