Waitbusters Integrates Online Ordering with Google Search, Maps

Waitbusters LLC's online ordering feature is now integrated with Google Search and Maps.

The newest update by Waitbusters Digital Diner will bring a significant boom to small restaurants and mobile ordering consumers through the inclusion of a “place an order” button in the application, letting users order food from a restaurant directly through the navigation application. If a restaurant is compatible with Waitbusters Digital Diner, users can place an order from the restaurant’s page without leaving Google Maps or Google Search. The new feature will be huge for small businesses that cannot afford to build their own mobile apps. While big brands such as Domino’s have the budget to afford to bring their mobile ordering capabilities to as many channels as possible, smaller restaurants are often left behind without a way to reliably get their mobile delivery service in front of as many consumers as they possibly can. With this new feature, Waitbusters Dining has alleviated this huge pain point.

Having the capability to sell pick-up and delivery orders directly through platforms as popular and ubiquitous as Google Maps and Search means that smaller restaurants without big IT budgets have another way to compete, says Waitbusters.  

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