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Wagamama Launches App with Walkout Payment Tech

Pan-Asian restaurant chain wagamama launches wagamamago, an app that allows users to walk in, order, eat and go.

Created in partnership with Mastercard and being rolled out in the United Kingdom, the app will save Brits an average of 12 minutes at every meal, wagamama estimates.  

The new app uses the Masterpass digital wallet and allows customers to order more items from their phone, split the bill and order carry out.  

Payment can be taken automatically from the app without the need to hit a pay button.

 “We wanted to bring truly frictionless payment to restaurants as we know waiting for the bill is frustrating, why shouldn’t you be able to get up and go when you are ready: well, now you can,” said  wagamama customer director, Emma Woods.  “No more waving your hand in the air, trying to catch the waiter’s eye, once you’re ready you just go.” Customers are automatically charged with the receipt emailed directly.

CIO Richard Tallboy came up with the idea when visiting wagamama’s busiest location, at London Heathrow Terminal 5. Watching diners wanting to leave after meals inspired him to work with Mastercard to create a walk away experience in restaurants. The vision was about giving control and choice to the customer to simply leave.

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