Volara, Two Roads Hospitality Partner to Offer Guests Voice-Based Guest Experiences and Staff-Facing Solutions

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor (Hotels)
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Volara – the voice hub for the hotel industry – has been selected by Two Roads Hospitality as its official voice technology platform. Motif Seattle, A Destination Hotel, and Thompson Seattle are already live with Amazon’s Alexa technology powered by Volara and Carmel Valley Ranch in Carmel Valley, Calif., will begin rollout later this month. Next year, fifteen of the company’s lifestyle hotels will deploy Volara’s software that enables voice-based conversations with guests to be managed in real-time on any of the leading natural language processing platforms.

At Motif Seattle and Thompson Seattle, Volara’s patent-pending Accuracy Engine is ensuring that guests receive the information or services they requested. Guests can ask the Volara-powered device for various amenities and hotel information, such as the WIFI password or hours of operations for hotel gyms, restaurants and bars, as well as request local recommendations for the best places to dine, shop, listen to music, grab a cocktail and more. Guests can also control the television or request their car from the valet with a simple voice request.  All requests are routed through Volara’s secure integrations hub into the hotel’s existing software – including Amadeus Service Optimization, Sonifi, Honeywell and Zingle – for execution.

Team members at these properties also are benefitting from using the Volara-powered Alexa to support their workflow. Whether room attendants, bell attendants, engineers or guest services managers, hotel staff are engaging with Alexa to seamlessly open maintenance tickets, make pickup requests, set room statuses and access training materials.

“With the rapid consumer adoption of voice technology, we are thrilled to be one of the first hospitality companies to lead the charge in delivering a natural, intuitive extension of our personalized service through Volara’s software on Amazon’s Alexa,” said Andrew Arthurs, Chief Information Officer for Two Roads Hospitality. “Our collaboration with Volara allows us to provide a seamless in-room voice experience while driving productivity enhancements on property, ultimately enhancing guest interaction and improving their engagement with our team.”

“Our team takes great pride in delivering memorable guest experiences with a personal touch,” said Steve Sasso, Motif Seattle General Manager. “This new technology is enabling our team to be more effective, while allowing our guests the intuitive option to use voice technology to engage with us from the comfort of their guest room.”

By turning the Echo device into a compliant hotel business tool, each property will benefit from its own unique integrations set, whether it’s enabling a voice interface for the television, a voice interface for item and service requests, a voice interface for the concierge, or even voice-controlled access to music content. And with Volara's technology, guests will be understood by voice technologies like Amazon’s Alexa more accurately and securely than they would at home, resulting in an improved guest experience that ensures they get what they want when they want it.