Visual Matrix Partners with FLEXIPASS to Implement Digital Mobile Key Features in PMS Solutions

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Visual Matrix, a hotel property management software providing an all-in-one PMS, announced the integration of Mobile Key functionalities into its PMS platform through FLEXIPASS, the Preferred Mobile Key solution for hospitality providers. In addition to providing hotel revenue management tools and staff productivity tools, Visual Matrix now ensures hoteliers can provide guests with a secure and contactless experience.

“Both of our teams knew that hoteliers today desire solutions that allow their properties to do more with less,” said CEO & Founder Patrick Lomsdalen at FLEXIPASS. “With our leading digital key technology and Visual Matrix’s award-winning PMS platform, we’ve worked together to create a unique solution that caters to their current platform.”

A fully cloud-based solution that allows guests to access a digital key in under thirty seconds, FLEXIPASS’s secure solution will be available through VM Mobile. The new mobile key feature, which includes contactless check-in and check-out services, allows hoteliers to improve guest satisfaction while simultaneously streamlining operations, equipping hoteliers operating with reduced staff the ability to divert labor otherwise spent checking in hotel guests.

“At Visual Matrix, we strive to continually offer our customers the latest in features and functionalities,” said X at Visual Matrix. “We are proud to partner with FLEXIPASS, who shares similar goals. Our solution gives hoteliers the unique opportunity to not only utilize our PMS systems, but also, to further streamline their operations and boost their amenities.”

Additional guest-faces features available through VM Mobile include Guest Texting, which can automatically send welcome messages and notify guests when their room is ready for check-in. The configurable auto-response feature for common requests such as extra towels, swimming pool hours or a list of nearby restaurants saves staff time and offers instant accurate responses to guests. VM Mobile also allows hoteliers to Staff Productivity Tracking features, creating repair work orders through mobile devices. For hotel management, VM Mobile provides instant access to reports summarizing team performance along with occupancy and front desk activity.

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