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Visual Matrix Adds Staff Productivity Tracking and Guest Texting Features to All-in-one PMS Solution

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Visual Matrix, a hotel property management software providing an all-in-one PMS, announced the integration of hotel housekeeping productivity tracking and guest texting functionalities into its PMS platform. Now in addition to providing unique opportunities to increase hotel revenue and boost profits, Visual Matrix ensures that hoteliers operating with reduced staff can improve efficiency and responsiveness to accommodate the recovery of travel.

The new staff productivity feature allows housekeeping staff to easily determine what daily tasks have been assigned to them using their mobile device. No more pen and paper assignments and time tracking. This electronic tracking allows hoteliers to identify their most productive staff members and optimize their team resources.

According to a recent report by HotStats, technology that streamlines operations and communications will play a crucial role in the hotel industry recovery. The report states that technologies that increase automation and offer integration across communication tools will prove essential in controlling costs and meeting guest needs quickly.

“While guests are returning to hotels, many previously furloughed employees are not, so it is crucial that hoteliers have access to technologies that allow them to provide the seamless and responsive stay experience that guests want,” said Georgine Muntz, CEO of Visual Matrix. “We look forward to seeing customers make use of our latest features to increase their bottom-line, reputation and guest experience.”

VM Mobile also allows staff members to create repair work orders by taking a photo, so maintenance employees instantly determine where their services are needed next. For hotel management, VM Mobile provides instant access to reports summarizing team performance along with occupancy and front desk activity.

The other new feature, VM Guest Texting, provides hotels the ability to send and receive text messages from guests. This functionality includes the ability to automatically send welcome messages and automatically notify guests when their room is ready for check-in. The configurable auto-response feature for common requests such as extra towels, swimming pool hours or a list of nearby restaurants saves staff time and offers instant accurate responses to guests.

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