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Vimana Franchise Systems Rolls Out New Loyalty Program

As part of its commitment to helping franchisees compete head on with the bigger brands in 2017, Vimana Franchise Systems said it is rolling out a new loyalty program this month. Powered by IBC Hospitality Technologies, the new Inncentives Loyalty Club by Vimana mirrors frequent-guest programs offered by the major brands; guests earn travel vouchers for stays that can be redeemed at any Vimana property or at one of 20,000 unique boutique hotels worldwide within the International Vacation Hotels (IVH) network. Inncentives Loyalty Club is offered without a fee increase to Vimana’s Centerstone Inns/Hotels/Plaza Hotels and Key West Inns/Hotels/Resorts brands, and owners are not responsible for free-stay reconciliations.
Travelers can sign up for the Inncentives Loyalty Club by Vimana on the company’s website beginning February 20.
The loyalty program is designed specifically to drive value to hoteliers. Guests are rewarded for staying local without costing the hotel owner money or requiring staff to figure out how to convert points to free nights. There is no keeping track of points, and no waiting to be reimbursed for a free stay because reconciliation is done on the front end. It’s easy for consumers to use too, as the system automatically puts a credit to the guest’s account. When a guest stays 12 nights and his tab will be picked up for the free room whether it’s within the franchise system or if the free night is at any of IVH’s 20,000 member hotels, the company said.
Enrollment in the loyalty club can be done via Facebook, Google or email so members don’t have to remember passwords. Once joined, they can use their free night anytime with no blackout dates, no exceptions. There is no math to convert points to nights. Hotels’ redeeming members’ free nights won’t be made aware that they are staying free, so members will get the same service and perks as other guests.
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