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VIDEO RECAP: Inaugural MURTEC® University Boasts Standing Room Only Results

The 19th installment of the annual MURTEC (Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference) was a rousing success as evidenced by record-breaking numbers of on-site with more than 630 industry professionals, including restaurant executives and solution providers. This year’s conference also marked the introduction of MURTEC University which was created in response to attendee interest in small-group teaching sessions that would take place on the arrival day. The sessions were led by topic experts who provided detailed "how-to" guidance, best practices, and implementation tips around using specific types of technology.

Attendees flocked to the arrival day sessions eager to experience the peer-to-peer sharing and actionable takeaways. The sessions were open to restaurant operators only and ran 90 minutes. Offered in two sections – to give operators the chance to attend two different workshops, the session rooms quickly became filled to capacity!

In one session, Brian Pearson, CIO of Stacked, offered his expertise in a workshop titled, “How to Go Mobile! Roadmap to Rolling out Guest and Enterprise Mobile Solutions.” The session covered a variety of topics for adding both guest- and enterprise-facing mobile solutions. Pearson is considered a pioneer for leveraging mobile devices for ordering, payment, and staff use.

Another session, titled, “Got Data?! Utilizing SQL Reporting Services” was led by Ted Stathakis, Director of Software Applications, Del Taco Restaurants. The session helped operators talk through best practices for dealing with data while discussing what to do without the budget or time for an involved and expensive BI solution. The workshop helped operators to break out the tools they already own and start using data to provide insights into business. The conversation also focused on SQL Server Reporting Services, which is an often overlooked, underappreciated and relatively easy to use component of Microsoft's SQL Server solution. Stathakis has been using and developing Reporting Services solutions since its release a decade ago.  

Two other sessions rounded out the MURTEC University offerings. James Lux, Vice President of Information Technology, Boloco led a session about “Getting Started with Cloud Migration: Data Storage & Email.” This MURTEC University session offered detailed primer for creating and managing these two business-critical functions in a cloud environment.

The final session dealt with the hot topic of Moving to Cloud-Based POS. The leader for this session was John Laporte, Vice President, Information Technology, El Pollo Loco Inc., who helped attendees explore scenarios in cloud-based point of sale software for restaurant operators who are considering making the switch.  

MURTEC 2015 will take place at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Stay tuned to for more details.
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