Vervotech Announces Tech Partnership Renewal with HotelPlanner

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Vervotech announced the continuation of its partnership with HotelPlanner. This comes at a time when the industry is making a comeback and customers are looking for the most accurate, detailed and verified information. 

With this preferred partnership, HotelPlanner will not only be able to access detailed and extensive data related to the travel and hospitality sector but also gain express access to Vervotech Mappings, a hotel and room mapping API that leverages the power of the latest AI/ML technology to get rid of duplicate listings, fill in missing data and provide users with the latest and most opinionated content on the market. Vervotech Mappings standardizes the distribution of descriptive and illustrative content such as star ratings, amenities, geocode, name/brand, description, images, and other static content, enabling travel businesses to maximize the correctness and accuracy of hotel reservations thus providing end users with an optimized experience. 

Meaningful strategic partnerships have become a staple in the tech space with companies readily sharing data with each other to incorporate newer markets into their existing mix. With consumers becoming extremely intuitive, educated and demanding, it is essential that businesses are able to meet the varied needs and wants of their target markets. The travel tech space is no different. Being one of the core service industries, data plays a key role in the express success of any organization under the given circumstances. With Vervotech Mappings, HotelPlanner gains access to over 50+ million supplier codes from over 225 leading hotel data suppliers all mapped for their convenience. 

Following the partnership, Marvel Puri, Vice President at Vervotech commented,
"Technologies in travel industry are adapted much later compared to other industries and we want to change that. We are constantly applying new tech to our platforms to give our customers an edge. Our long-standing partnership with is special because it takes our platforms content to varied businesses they work with."

Philip Ballard, Chief Communications Officer at HotelPlanner said, 
"We are proud to partner with Vervotech for their hotel and room mapping services that strengthen our data analytics capabilities. Vervotech helps us stay ahead of the technology curve."

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