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Verify Energy Partners with ChargeNet Stations

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Verify Energy has signed a multi-year, multi-site monitoring and controls agreement with leading electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging development and AI-driven software company, ChargeNet Stations. The deal will see ChargeNet Stations deploy Verify Energy’s universal clean energy controller, the PowerFly, to act as a communication bridge between the hardware components of its proprietary renewable EV charging system.

ChargeNet Stations’ solution utilizes equipment from multiple vendors, all needing to interoperate seamlessly together. The PowerFly communicates with the PV inverter, Energy Storage System, and metering equipment and delivers a unified stream of data up to ChargeNet Stations’ cloud. This allows ChargeNet Stations the ability to focus on operating their proprietary renewable EV Charging software.

Restaurants Embracing EV, Charging Stations

Restaurants are leaning into EVs and serving customers with EVs.  To its pizza delivery fleet, Domino's added 100 EVs and plans to add up to 800 .   Taco Bell franchisee  Diversified Restaurant Group opened ultra-fast charging stations at a South San Francisco Taco Bell. 

Select Tim Hortons in Canada have added TurnOnGreen's Level 3 EV chargers.  Here in the US, Starbucks is also making a move into EV charging.  According to MotorTrend, Volvo plans to install up to 60 Volvo-branded DC fast chargers powered by ChargePoint in at least 15 Starbucks locations. The charging network will cover a 1,350-mile route from the Denver area to Starbucks headquarters in Seattle.

ChargeNet Stations offers a 100-mile charge in ten minutes, or less, for about $12. ChargeNet Stations COO Venus Jenkins, said, “Partnering with Verify Energy helps make our hardware and software all the more efficient, which is good for our customers and our quick-serve restaurant partners."

Verify Energy's AI-driven fleet management software provides a vendor-agnostic view of an entire portfolio of clean energy systems helping owners and operators reduce downtime, manage operations and keep their customers happy.

ChargeNet Stations is an electric vehicle fast-charging station development and AI driven software company. 

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