Ventev Introduces Heated Wi-Fi Access Point Enclosure

Ventev Wireless Infrastructure, a unit of TESSCO Technologies Incorporated has introduced a unique access point enclosure that can ensure crucial Wi-Fi/WLAN connectivity in freezer rooms that are common in the food and hospitality industries.
Wi-Fi coverage is needed in every kind of workplace; cold storage warehouses, freezers and refrigerated rooms are no exception. Yet these cold environments present unique network challenges. Sensitive indoor wireless access points must be protected from cold, condensation, and frost. Thick walls and heavy insulation make wiring for AC power expensive and time-consuming.
The Ventev Freezer Room Enclosure is a simple solution for these challenges. The heated enclosure is designed specifically for use in continuously cold environments. A single PoE (Power over Ethernet) cable powers both the access point and the heater. Since no AC is needed, installation is easier and less expensive. The NEMA 4X-rated, waterproof 12”x10”x 6” polycarbonate enclosure features latch locks, clear door, surge protectors, and an optional integrated or external antenna to increase network coverage.
The new Freezer Room Enclosure is added to Ventev’s extensive lineup of creative solutions for delivering Wi-Fi indoors and outdoors where there are challenging interference, environmental or other coverage/capacity issues.  As a unit of TESSCO, Ventev ensures availability of complete end-to-end solutions supporting the newest voice, data and video wireless systems with the delivery of “kitted” solutions where and when required.
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