VDA Group Introduces Cloud-Based Hotel Management Solution

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

VDA Group launched a new cloud-based room management system, Etheos, that allows centralized management of all the devices in the room.

Etheos is a new 5-generation platform that simplifies the hotelier process of accessibility, monitoring and update of the room management system, now possible from any remote  device. The new system, in addition to allowing a wide choice of functions and controls to manage the hotel in an integrated way, also ensures a constant efficiency and optimization of functionality with a direct impact on the operating costs of the hotel. 

Etheos allows the hotel to offer the guest a highly personalized experience because the behavior of the guest and his preferences can be stored and made available on the occasion of his own new living room.

VDA Group is an Italian company that since 1980 develops and realizes advanced solutions for integrated room management and interactive television systems.

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