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uWINK Completes Spin-Off Transaction

uWink, Inc. announced that it has completed the previously announced spin-off of its technology licensing business. The spin-off company, Tapcode Holdings, Inc., through its subsidiary Tapcode, Inc., will operate (and holds all the intellectual property relating to) the technology licensing business. Following the spin-off, uWink, Inc. will continue to operate the uWink interactive restaurant concept.

The spin-off transaction became effective at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on February 20, 2009. uWink, Inc. stockholders will receive one share of Tapcode Holdings, Inc. common stock for each share of uWink common stock held as of February 13, 2009, which was the record date for the spin-off transaction.

uWink has distributed an information statement with respect to the spin-off transaction to stockholders as of the record date. The information statement contains important information about the spin-off transaction and Tapcode Holdings, Inc. and stockholders are urged to read it carefully.

Shares of Tapcode Holdings, Inc. common stock are subject to significant transfer restrictions intended to prevent public trading in the shares and can only be transferred in certain specific limited circumstances set forth in Tapcode Holdings' Certificate of Incorporation. These transfer restrictions are described in the information statement distributed to stockholders.
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