Utell Hotels & Resorts Expands Presence on priceline.com

Utell Hotels & Resorts, a service of Pegasus Solutions, announced today that it has expanded its marketing agreement with priceline.com to give more than 2,500 of its independent hotels access to priceline.com's Name Your Own Price, Priceline Merchant (Travelweb) and Priceline Vacation Package services.

The priceline.com agreement allows Utell hotels to distribute rates in Priceline's disclosed hotel program at net rate discounts and increase visibility on Priceline's site through merchandised promotional offerings. Member hotels can also fill distressed inventory and capture last-minute demand without diluting retail rates by participating in Priceline's Name Your Own Price opaque program, which offers Utell members guaranteed pre-paid and non-refundable business.

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