U.S. Payments Forum Publishes Resource Providing Solution Options, Stakeholder Considerations for Card-on-File Tokenization

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Tokenization has been a key investment in the payments industry for increased security at various points of the transaction lifecycle. The U.S. Payments Forum released a resource that provides an overview of different card-on-file tokenization solution options and stakeholder considerations for each, including debit routing. The solution configurations discuss the steps followed for provisioning and transaction processing, the technical implementation, and debit routing support.

The white paper, “Card-on-File Tokenization Considerations, Including Debit Routing,” is available for download at https://www.uspaymentsforum.org/card-on-file-tokenization-considerations-including-debit-routing/.

“The payments ecosystem is migrating away from storing primary account numbers (PANs) due to the risk potential, and tokenization has been a valuable solution for increased security,” said Jason Bohrer, director of the U.S. Payments Forum. “This white paper is a useful resource for industry stakeholders to distinguish and analyze the different options for card-on-file credentials management. It provides a broad perspective for each payments industry stakeholder, including acquirers, issuers, merchants, and payment networks.”

This resource covers:

·The processes that could be involved with a merchant storing a card-on-file, including provisioning and transaction processing

·Considerations when evaluating tokenization for cards-on-file, including PCI scope, technology, transparency of data, lifecycle management and debit routing

·Five tokenization solution options that can be used for cards on file: merchant tokenization; merchant service provider/vendor tokenization; EMV® payment token; a combination of card-on-file (with PAN) and EMV payment token; and a combination of multiple EMV payment tokens

This resource was developed by the Debit Routing Working Committee, which works to identify and describe options for successful U.S. debit routing for EMV contact and contactless, mobile, ecommerce, and emerging technology transactions, regardless of presentment method. Debit Routing Working Committee activities include discussion of best approaches for debit routing and transparency of authentication information in both physical and digital/ecommerce environments.

Organizations, associations, government agencies and individuals interested in participating in upcoming projects and initiatives can visit the Forum website to learn about how to become a member. For membership levels, benefits and the application, visit http://www.uspaymentsforum.org/membership/membership-benefits/.

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