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UPshow Offers Hospitality Industry an Alternative to Cable/Satellite TV

An estimated 56.6 million people will choose to go without pay TV this year, a trend known as ‘cutting the cord’ which is accelerating at a pace faster than anticipated. UPshow, a social television platform for businesses, announced a pioneering solution that allows businesses to make the same cord cutting decisions as consumers – abandoning traditional pay TV services in lieu of a less expensive and more customizable platform.

UPshow's new "Social TV" platform is ideal for any business with a television that doesn’t want to pay exorbitant fees for 300 unwanted cable channels.  For a fraction of the price of cable, businesses can completely customize the entertainment and marketing content that appears on their TVs.

It starts with a simple digital signage tool to showcase promotions/events/announcements/etc., but really grabs attention with its hyperlocal, social media-powered content feeds. UPshow has curated hundreds of location and interest-based Instagram and Twitter feeds comprised of 5-10 major social media accounts on a business’s chosen topic.  The platform provides a dynamic, real-time viewing experience for any category such as pro/college sports, local community, news, pop-culture, among many others. Packages begin at $25/month. 

UPshow’s Social TV requires a five-minute setup process and can be managed via mobile or desktop app. The core product offering can be expanded to include engaging features such as customer-generated social media content, trivia and’s top video channels.

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