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Update Increases Mobile Payments by 20 Percent

LevelUp, the mobile payments company, is announcing the successful use of iBeacons as a means of increasing mobile payments occurring at participating businesses.
iBeacon is one of Apple’s latest updates to iOS location services through bluetooth technology. “Beacons” are devices typically small enough to fit in your hand and uses Bluetooth Low Energy to ping customers carrying iphones.
LevelUp launched their iBeacon program in early May. Just 30 days later, participating businesses experienced a 22% average increase in customer spend through the LevelUp app or the business’ custom mobile payments app running on the LevelUp platform. The rate of transactions from previously “lapsed” customers (those who returned to using LevelUp after an absence of more than 30 days) increased by 63% following LevelUp’s iBeacon rollout.
The increase in mobile payments at LevelUp businesses is resulting in increased customer spend for businesses as customers are reminded of upcoming loyalty rewards.
LevelUp has already delivered Beacons to 50 participating businesses with plans to deliver as many as 1,000 more before the end of summer. Any merchant partner using LevelUp is eligible to receive a LevelUp iBeacon for their business. Installation is as simple as plugging the beacon into any standard power outlet.
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