Update Allows Direct Connection from POS to QuickBooks without Double Data Entry

TouchSuite, has announced that its highly-advanced Firefly point of sale systems are now equipped to support the company’s newly-acquired processing solution, Lightning Payments. As one of the only payment processors in the country integrated with QuickBooks®, Lightning Payments provides QuickBooks accounting software users with a direct connection from firefly POS systems to QuickBooks without the hassle of double data entry and with full PCI compliance.
The system-to-system capabilities from QuickBooks to Firefly via Lightning Payments allows QuickBooks users to auto-synchronize their previously-stored business data, such as payroll, inventory, schedules, appointment bookings, and transaction and accounting figures, directly into Firefly. Reversely, the essential enterprise data stored in Firefly will automatically sync with QuickBooks at the moment it is entered into the system.
Lightning Payments comes with a full line of additional payment-related tools to enhance and expand the merchant’s transactional capabilities. Perhaps the most noteworthy of these new-to-market payment solutions is the Gift Card Exchange(GCE) tool, which creates the first and only opportunity for customers to use unused gift cards from 100+ leading brands (i.e., Starbucks, Walmart, Macy’s, etc.) as payment for in-store purchases, right there at the register.
Additionally, Lightning offers mobile POS access, e-commerce capabilities, and IPLINK, the application that allows QuickBooks users to accept payments through the POS system and automatically synchronize the moment the payment is received. The cutting-edge payment solution also features superior credit card encryption, ensuring trustworthy consumer security and PCI compliance. Users also receive access to a standard virtual terminal application, which can be accessed remotely and process credit, debit and gift transactions with the click of a button.
TouchSuite’s Firefly is an Android™-based POS solution that gives small and mid-size businesses access to the same industry tools and innovations as major U.S. retailers, and assumes the responsibility of other costly business solutions and outside vendor services.
This intuitive software, packaged in a modern, lightweight touchscreen panel, is internally a vast and comprehensive infrastructure of managerial, administrative, operational, and marketing solutions. 
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