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Uniguest Debuts New Guest Room Entertainment Solution

Uniguest, a hospitality engagement technology provider, has added an interactive Guest Room Entertainment solution to its product line’s extensive content functionality. The solution delivers high-quality media content across IP networks through one platform, allowing hotels to publish content once and synchronize it right to guest rooms or on screens throughout the property.

“Consumer media and content delivery preferences are changing and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for hoteliers’ to give every guest a great experience. Guest Room Entertainment helps jump that hurdle with a flexible approach to content delivery that enables hoteliers to better tailor the in-room experience to their guests’ wants and needs while also deploying content across the property,” said Uniguest’s COO Matt Goche.

The Guest Room Entertainment solution utilizes IP Television (IPTV) to securely deliver TV from multiple sources to any set-top box or Smart TV on the property, making it easy to add relevant content to common areas like elevators and lobbies along with guestrooms. The content then becomes easily available through the interactive portal in guest rooms. 

The IPTV solution can also function as a revenue-generation tool through its Property Management System (PMS) integration capability. Hoteliers can create guest information pages where they can purchase room service, act on promotions and more. The interactive IPTV portal enables true interactivity between guest and hotel through information pages, messaging and service ordering.

In addition to the essentials outlined below, hoteliers can add additional features like Chromecast bring-your-own-content (BYOC) functionality to their GRE package. 

Uniguest’s essential GRE package includes the following feature for full-capability set-top boxes and Smart TVs:

  • Branded Interactive IPTV Portal: The portal gives properties the ability to create a unique, bespoke entertainment experience with a combination of information pages, messaging, and service ordering. There are multiple brandable portal themes available.

  • Guest Information Pages: Provide ultimate convenience to each guest with local and national news, live weather, travel, and airline flight data. Guest Information Pages can also act as a revenue generator where hotels can promote services, facilities, and upsell guests.

  • Customizable Program Guide: Uniguest’s program guide is the only in the industry that can provide meta data and program listings from multiple sources including free to air, satellite, and subscription-based channels.

  • Service Groups: Properties can organize channels by service group to determine which channels are delivered to which room, like provisioning premium offerings to some suites or deliver programming by the guests’ language preference.

  • PMS Integration: Integration with most of the world’s leading Property Management Systems means the ability to customize program delivery by customer.

The solution is powered by an easy-to-use CMS so properties can create, manage, and customize their in-room entertainment offerings in real-time. The CMS is an all-in-one solution in itself. Built for flexibility — the same in-room content or new content can be created and sent across STBs or smart TVs across the property with just a few extra clicks. That means the entire experience is continuous from lobby to room with no extra effort from the front desk.

Uniguest also offers a variety of add-on options to the essentials package. Some feature support will differ depending on the power and functionality of property devices.

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