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UniFocus Boosts Hotelier Capabilities to Attract and Retain Employees with Intelligent Tip Pooling

unifocus tip pooling

UniFocus, a provider of Workforce Management Systems, announced its launch of an advanced tip pooling software feature. This feature streamlines hotel business operations while automatically providing employees with the precise amount of tips owed. Combined with UniFocus’ innovative instant pay capabilities (Rain), the new functionality will allow hoteliers to address widespread demands for flexible wage access which has become essential to creating and maintaining a loyal and productive workforce.

Able to be integrated with UniFocus’ Time & Attendance platform or serve as a standalone solution, the new tip pooling feature notably sidesteps the need for managers to spend countless hours manually tracking the number of tips using spreadsheets. When integrated with a property’s point-of-sale system, the technology automatically calculates all tips received on a daily basis. Using a pre-determined set of parameters such as how many hours or covers an employee has worked, the feature can then instantly determine the correct tip amount for each individual staff member to ensure the accuracy of wages received.

As an added bonus, managers can leverage UniFocus’ Time & Attendance platform with the Rain integration, providing their employees with instant access of up to 50 percent of their earnings in advance. To ensure maximum flexibility and convenience, UniFocus further provides employees with several options to receive payment in advance, including the use of debit cards which can be crucial for team members who do not have personal banking accounts.

“As workers who often live paycheck-to-paycheck, frontline hospitality employees will begin to look elsewhere for better job opportunities if they feel that their current employer isn’t helping make ends meet,” said Mark Heymann, Founder and Board Director at UniFocus. “Our intelligent tip pooling technology sidesteps this ongoing challenge for businesses by removing a laborious, time-consuming, and error prone process from the hands of managers and ensuring that each employee is paid both fairly and promptly. Together with our industry-leading instant pay capabilities, hoteliers can now live up to modern workforce expectations that increasingly require access to wages on their terms to gain their commitment, loyalty, and trust.”

By advancing the innovation of same day pay capabilities, UniFocus further enables hoteliers to earn a reputation as an employer of choice by addressing growing needs for instant wage access and ending employee reliance on predatory lending services.

DALLAS, TX— March 17, 2022—

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