UgoVirtual Debuts New 3D, AR Elements to Enhance Engagement and ROI of Virtual, Hybrid and Physical Events

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

UgoVirtual™, a global provider of a comprehensive digital platform of modular engagement solutions designed to meet the rapidly expanding needs of the virtual/hybrid conference and event management industry, today announces the debut of Ugo3D & AR Elements, a highly advanced and unique way to add dimension to virtual, hybrid and in-person events. With the addition of Ugo3D & AR Elements, UgoVirtual clients will now be able to add an extra layer of depth and dimension to both virtual and physical events by presenting content and products in a richer and significantly more engaging way than is possible with traditional 2D images or videos. Using embedded 3D and Augmented Reality (AR)-powered models and QR code triggers (activation points) throughout the physical or virtual event environment, attendees can find, view and interact in real time with exhibitor, sponsor and presentation content as if it were physically present in front of them. 

The new Ugo3D & AR Elements offering includes four distinct types of activations, which include 3D Objects, Digital Swag, Virtual Portals and Holograms. All four activation modalities have the ability to integrate into either the UgoConference™ or UgoExpo™ event modules that UgoVirtual offers, and can be used in a variety of applications to engage and educate attendees.

The first of the elements, 3D Objects, integrates custom-created three-dimensional models of physical products (either static or animated) directly into any virtual environment, such as lobbies, sponsor lounges or exhibitor booths, or on signage within a physical event. When the thumbnail image is clicked on, a full, interactive 3D model opens within an iframe on the user’s device. If desired, annotations can be placed around the 3D model, showcasing its primary features and specifications. In addition, an associated QR code can be scanned to view the 3D model using UgoAR augmented reality. This allows users to extract, fully rotate, inspect and interact with the 3D model in their own physical space. The extracted object can be sized to either desktop or life-size, depending on space and preference.

Another new activation is Digital Swag, which is based on augmented reality face filters. Using their smart device camera, event attendees can select and apply virtual apparel or promotional material to their head or face, such as hats, glasses, stickers or more advanced elements, such as morphing their face into a character or brand mascot. The user can opt to take a selfie with the filter on and share directly to their social networks for cross-promotional opportunities. Digital Swag is ideal for enabling engagement with sponsor and exhibitor brands, while building connection and community between virtual and physical attendees.

The third Ugo3D & AR Element is the ability to create an AR-enabled portal, which is a virtual “doorway” into another dimension, such as an event or booth environment or custom-created 3D scene. After scanning the QR code, virtual, hybrid or on-site attendees can place the portal anywhere in their immediate space and can then physically walk through it into the scene, which can be comprised of a 360-degree photo, video or immersive 3D environment.

Holographs, the last activation being introduced, provides the ability to create and deploy animated holographic-style videos within an event, which can be used to deliver life-like realism to virtual attendees or for on-demand content following a physical event. This advanced feature is ideal for transporting “president’s welcome” video messages, keynote speaker presentations or products right into the user’s home, office or other physical space via volumetric video capture. This involves filming a speaker or other content in a special green screen studio from multiple angles, so that a holographic video representation is created. After activating through a QR code, attendees can place the presentation into their preferred physical space and watch it at either a reduced size for convenience or at 1:1 scale, just as it appears in real life. Users can also physically walk around the holograph and view it from all sides. 

“The future of the events industry is about merging virtual and live events into a unified global experience for all attendees, so they can connect and interact with each other and also with relevant event, exhibitor and sponsor content before, during, and after the event,” said UgoVirtual CEO, Michael C. Cohen. “The introduction of Ugo3D & AR Elements and the integration of these advanced features into the UgoVirtual platform greatly accelerates these possibilities and enhances the event experience at multiple levels for all stakeholders. We are excited to be at the forefront of this transition in the industry and look forward to deploying these new advancements to ensure better engagement and ROI for our clients at their upcoming events.”

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