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TrustYou Provides Outlook for Global Hotel Industry with Release of Global and Regional Review Insights Reports

TrustYou, a guest feedback platform, announced the release of its most ambitious data projects to date. The in-depth and comprehensive Global version of the Review Insights Report highlights the state of online guest reviews on a global level, along with insights into the company’s own data regarding the top hotel impact scores and review sources of 2019. The research conducted by TrustYou is also expanded into individual regional reports that dive into the particularities of the different regions: EMEA, APAC, the US, and the DACH market. Having recently released the Travel Health Index, which depicts the current state of the hospitality industry in the context of COVID-19, TrustYou is now providing an insightful overview of how the travel and hotel sector performed the previous year.

The global and regional versions of TrustYou’s Review Insights Report tackle the numbers, statistics, trends, and other relevant data that set the standard for the current state of the travel landscape, as compared to the 2020 data visualized in the Travel Health Index. The breakdown of global online reviews is put into context by the exploration of the travel market’s growth in 2019, the economics behind it, the traveler demographics, activity, and preferences, on a global and regional basis.

An industry leader in reputation management, TrustYou benefits from an impressive database of more than 800,000 hotels worldwide. This enables the company to extract and analyze valuable information about feedback, guest reviews, trends, hotel performance, and traveler behavior. As a result, the reports also shed light on the 2019 most important impact scores, both positive and negative, along with the top review sources.

Benjamin Jost, TrustYou’s CEO said: “At TrustYou, we are here to support our hotelier customers in any way possible. We pride ourselves in the vast data that we collect and analyze but we also look at this advantage as a responsibility. It is our mission to share the valuable insights that we have with all hospitality professionals in order to make visible the fundamental meaning behind the concept of feedback. Especially during these difficult times, it’s crucial for hoteliers to know exactly where their businesses are standing in order to fully consider the present, compare it to the past and draw smart, actionable conclusions in the future. By creating these Review Insights Reports, we enable hoteliers to compare the normal guest review levels of 2019 with current data, through our complementary resource, the Travel Health Index. The analysis of impact scores is especially valuable in showing the exact categories that impact a hotel’s score the most, as well as the review sources with the biggest increase or decrease in the last year.”

The TrustYou Global Review Insights Report is now available for free download here.

The regional reports can be accessed by using these links: USAPAC, and EMEA.

The TrustYou Travel Health Index is calculated globally, per country and, given the rapid changes that occur in light of the COVID-19 situation, it is calculated on a weekly time frame. The index is constantly updated with the most recent data and can be accessed on this page.

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