TripIt Pro Users Can Now Search for the Latest COVID-19 Travel Guidance by Destination Before Booking a Trip

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

A recent blog post from TripIt announced that users of TripIt Pro—TripIt’s premium service—will now be able to search for the latest COVID-19 travel guidance by destination before they book a trip. TripIt Pro users can now search key information—updated daily from its partner Riskline—for more than 200 countries and territories, so travelers can see infection rates, testing requirements, mask mandates, entry/exit rules, and more. This is an enhancement to the COVID-19 travel guidance feature TripIt launched last month for all users. 

Below, is an excerpt from that blog post.

Over the past year, TripIt has introduced a series of new features and enhancements that have further widened our lens, bringing health front and center to the safety features we offer travelers.

Thinking of planning a trip? We’ve created this flow chart to help you navigate the trip planning process and learn how TripIt can help each step of the way:


Interested in learning more? Here’s a closer look at each of the features we’ve introduced to help you manage your health and safety the next time you travel.

COVID-19 Travel Guidance

Starting today, TripIt Pro users can research pandemic-related information for destinations ahead of booking a trip. Now you can search our COVID-19 Travel Guidance feature for the latest guidelines, restrictions, and requirements for the places you’re planning to visit without needing them to be part of a TripIt itinerary. This includes current infection rates, quarantine rules upon arrival, testing requirements, and other information travelers need to know before visiting the area. 

To research an area before you book, tap the Pro tab in your TripIt app. From COVID-19 Guidance, you can search for more than 200 countries and regions to get pandemic-related information to help you plan your trip.

Not a TripIt Pro user? Don’t worry. You also have access to COVID-19 travel guidance—it will appear once you’ve booked a trip and forwarded your plans to TripIt. 

Then, when you view a trip itinerary in TripIt, you will notice a guidebook button on your trip summary screen (above the edit button). Tap the guidebook to see additional information to help you prepare for your travels.

Neighborhood Safety Scores 

TripIt’s Neighborhood Safety Scores feature helps travelers learn about the safety of the neighborhood they’re visiting. Travelers can access hyperlocal safety ratings along any point within their TripIt itinerary for more than 65,000 cities and neighborhoods for both daytime and nighttime. This helps users visualize and gain an understanding of current safety conditions by location. Among the safety categories, you can view a health and medical score—which factors in COVID-19 data—for the area you’re visiting.

You can also set a personal risk level within the Neighborhood Safety Scores feature. Once you’ve done so, we’ll warn you if you’re planning on visiting an area that exceeds your threshold—helping you to make better informed decisions while you’re on the go. 

Nearby Places 

Should you need medical help while traveling, Nearby Places makes it easy to find hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies close to where you’re staying.

The feature will give you a medical facility’s contact details, hours, and more. TripIt will also show you an interactive map with each option tagged so you can see where it is in relation to your accommodations. You can easily get directions or tap the plus (+) sign to save the information for later.  

Traveler Resource Center

From airline and hotel cancellation policies to new travel guidelines, the TripIt Traveler Resource Center makes it easy to find the latest travel advisories, restrictions, and guidelines, alongside other helpful resources, so you have the information you need to make the best decision for your next trip. 

The Traveler Resource Center is also your one-stop-shop for the latest information about the changes you should expect to health and safety procedures from airports, airlines, hotels, and other travel providers—including how they’re handling cancellations, refunds, and credits due to COVID-19.

Whether you’re boarding a plane or hopping in a rental car, your health and safety will remain top of mind. It will for us, too. You can continue to rely on TripIt to stay informed and up to date each step of the way.

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