TRIPBAM and TrustYou Partner to Offer Hotel Review Data Integration

TRIPBAM and TrustYou announced a strategic partnership between the companies, which will allow TRIPBAM to provide summarized review content from TrustYou, via both TrustScore Widgets and Meta-Reviews, to clients and their travelers. In addition, the partnership will support TRIPBAM in furthering its mission of providing corporations, hotels, travel agencies and travelers with a hotel shopping service that helps keep hotel costs low, increases traveler compliance, and improves negotiated hotel programs.
TrustYou’s review data will supplement the content that companies and travelers receive through TRIPBAM’s email notifications. TrustYou’s TrustScore – an independent, trusted rating calculated from all verified online reviews worldwide – will be incorporated into the emails. An embedded link will lead the traveler to TrustYou’s full Meta-Review of the respective hotel, showing the ratings for different categories and traveler types, including business travelers. TRIPBAM email notifications alert clients of lower rates, alternative hotel offerings at a better price among preferred properties, or better offers within predefined hotel clusters. Email notification type and frequency are set up depending on client defined parameters.
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