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Trip Affiliates Network Announces Tech Power Up with Sri Sutra Travel

Trip Affiliates Network (TA Network) announced a partnership with Sri Sutra Travel (SST) to launch and grow regional digitalization partnerships, combining SST’s regional TMC operational capabilities  with TA Network’s cloud-based enterprise software SaaS solutions.

TA Network is a high-performance distribution and turnkey solutions provider that brings together Asia Pacific’s travel wholesalers, operators and destination management companies onto a single open travel ecosystem.

The TA Network platform is designed to leverage technology solutions adopted by hotels to facilitate their direct connectivity and automate their inventory management processes with their traditional offline contractors, which would otherwise require both parties to manually update their booking inventory and retrieve booking confirmations. This eliminates overbooking and under-booking issues associated with room allotments as well as potential human errors in manually maintaining hotel contracts.

In addition, TA Network’s digital payment solutions (BorderXP) empower businesses with virtual card or local fund transfer services to process payments dynamically with their business partners and minimise payment fees, particularly cross border and FX fees.

Managing Director & Founder of SST Dato Syed added, “SST is a travel conglomerate under the SUTRA TRAVEL MANAGEMENT GROUP, well established with a large corporate and non-corporate clientele and over 1 million travel-related products and services that encompass all the travel components. The collaboration with TA Network will extend SST’s capabilities in providing more effective and optimised accommodation solutions via direct contracting.”

Overseeing the project and integrations, Director of Growth & Partnerships at TA Network, Thomas Wong added, “ With our innovative and agile solutions, TA Network will streamline operations and enhance connectivity to SST to increase review output and reduce manpower which will be a major productivity gain. As we grow into new regions across the globe, we are happy to add SST to the growing TA Network ecosystem.”

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