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TriNet Launches TriNet Main Street to Address the HR Needs of Hospitality, Retail and Manufacturing Businesses

TriNet, a provider of HR services, introduced TriNet Main Street. TriNet Main Street is a human resources solution designed to meet the requirements of the hundreds of thousands[1] of local and owner-operated businesses in the United States.
Often considered the lifeblood of the economy, these companies typically have workforces comprised of salaried, hourly, part-time and seasonal employees. This causes a high degree of HR complexity for businesses in industries such as hospitality, retail and manufacturing. Whether it’s handling wage and hour regulations or managing workplace safety, the HR demands are dynamic and difficult to manage.
TriNet Main Street solves these specific HR needs with a full-service solution featuring payroll, time and attendance, workers’ compensation, employee benefits, technology, compliance and HR expertise. Businesses no longer have to choose between stitching together a series of point solutions or accepting one-size-fits-all HR products that don’t fully meet their needs. TriNet’s new solution relieves the onerous HR burden these businesses face, resulting in precious time savings and peace of mind for owners and operators.
Key features include:

  • Agile payroll: Payroll is challenging and time consuming for industries that manage a multitude of hourly, seasonal and off-site workers. TriNet’s payroll functionality reduces the burden on the business and minimizes errors by tackling the complexity of processing payroll and tips, calculating net pay, incorporating time and attendance, handling tax withholdings and complying with federal reporting requirements. Integration with the market leading general ledger (GL) system and interaction with point of sale (POS) systems allow data to be controlled with SMBs’ organization structures and business priorities in mind.
  • Robust time and attendance: The ability to efficiently and accurately manage hourly employee data is critical for these businesses. TriNet Main Street responds to this need with a robust time and attendance capability. Its scheduling and time entry features make assigning and monitoring shifts effortless. This function is a core component of TriNet’s solution, enabling a seamless flow of time and attendance data directly into the payroll, ensuring less time spent on manual entry or any resulting errors.
  • Streamlined and secure technology: With an online self-service platform and mobile app, TriNet Main Street allows employees to manage and update their personal HR information. Simplified online processes for hiring, onboarding, leave and terminations cut down the paperwork generated by the employee turnover typically seen in Main Street industries. Online benefits enrollment and support give employees control over their options. Enterprise-level capabilities in reporting, analytics and job costing allow insights into large line items and provide business owners with more control over their bottom line.

    Users have access to: view and edit personal information, including life status changes; manage time-off requests and payroll submissions; guided benefits enrollment wizard; and simplified onboarding and terminations management.
  • Expert compliance and risk mitigation support: Numerous regulations are a particular burden on companies with a flexible workforce. Staying ahead of changing regulations on wage and hour, health care and overtime regulations requires constant attention, and costly penalties for non-compliance can be a drain on a low-margin business. TriNet Main Street offers multi-state services that assist with compliance with these regulations. A team of HR experts, along with access to an extensive knowledge base, helps guide businesses through the constantly changing world of compliance regulations.

    TriNet also provides risk management services to help protect business interests with HR guidance, employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) coverage, claims management and online support.
  • Cost-effective employer and employee benefits: TriNet Main Street’s workers’ compensation program includes A+ rated carrier coverage, workplace safety training courses, hazard assessments and claims management to help small and midsize businesses (SMBs) with expedited resolutions and fraud prevention. TriNet’s workers’ compensation offering helps improve cash flow management, providing robust support with no deposits or deductibles and pay-as-you-go billing.

    TriNet Main Street provides SMBs access to large-employer benefit plans that  may otherwise not be available in their markets. TriNet’s services include administration and record keeping of employee notifications, benefit offers and eligibility tracking to help provide the right benefit solutions for all employees. TriNet Main Street also gives employers the option to offer supplementary benefits to their employees, including payroll-deducted individual retirement accounts (IRA) and 401(k) plans, with options for employer matching, profit sharing and safe harbor while handling the administrative burdens.
  • HR expertise: SMBs can increase their focus on key business priorities by offloading payroll, benefits administration and compliance paperwork to HR experts who have vast experience in the industries they serve. TriNet manages employee concerns effectively with extended hours and multilingual support. The team’s expertise in compliance regulations can help SMBs guide their business at a strategic level with up-to-date information on how to manage changing regulations and other HR best practices.

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