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Travelport Delivers New Modern Retailing Tools on Travelport+

Travelport, a global technology company that powers bookings for hundreds of thousands of travel suppliers worldwide, introduced the latest update to its next-generation platform, Travelport+. Now available, these enhanced, modern retailing tools are paving the way to revolutionize travel retail, modernize the booking experience, and make it easier for agents to offer more choice and deliver better service to their travelers.

“As part of our mission to revolutionize the travel industry’s retail experience, we continue to evolve, simplify, and automate the most critical technology tools. Today’s enhanced features empower travel agents to offer more choice, enable greater self-service capabilities for travelers, and simplify the most complex servicing processes,” said Jen Catto, Chief Marketing Officer at Travelport. “All Travelport+ customers enjoy a more modern, digital-first retail experience when connecting through our platform. That includes our desktop customers, who have said that the latest version of Smartpoint has managed to transform mundane travel management tasks into superior servicing opportunities.”

More Choice, Richer Content, Better Servicing

The evolution of Travelport+ tools and agency capabilities continues with simplified access to enriched travel content from multiple sources, including NDC (New Distribution Capability) standard content. Travelport is the first and only global distribution system (GDS) to sign NDC content distribution deals with all three major European airline groups (Air France-KLM, International Airlines Group (IAG), and Lufthansa Group). The company continues to expand its NDC connections with more than 16 airlines worldwide, including American Airlines, Emirates, Qantas, and Singapore Airlines.

Adrian Kazim, Chief Operating Officer at Emirates, commented: “Together Emirates and Travelport are starting their journey to deliver the future of travel retail; kicking off with our first-ever GDS joint agreement that is inclusive of NDC content; that will enable the flexibility to innovate Emirates’ products and deliver more dynamic and personalized offers.”

Travelport continues to add more servicing capabilities to improve airline connectivity and empower agents to better service travelers with less back-end work. Travelport’s hotel content distribution is also seeing an upgrade with richer room, rate and rules details as a result of upgraded connectivity with Hilton.

Simplified Trip Management for Agencies and Travelers

Customers using the latest version of Travelport’s desktop tool, Smartpoint, can access a suite of features aimed at simplifying everyday tasks. Enhancements include more customized itinerary quotes in Trip Quote as well as faster Assisted Ticketing capabilities that streamline complex ticketing and exchange tasks for agents.

Rachael Keller, Operations Manager at Globetrotter, commented: “Thank you Travelport+ for making our lives so much easier. The improved trip quote capabilities within Smartpoint means we are much faster at providing travellers with highly customized itineraries that better meet their needs.”

Travelport has also launched a new Trip Manager portal on Travelport+, offering travelers the ability to service their own trip, and carry out fast, easy transactions on the go. The self-service option for travelers using the new portal allows agencies to preserve resources while providing travelers an improved experience with the ability to easily add extras to their trip.

Lenka Nemcova, Head of Business Travel at OK Tours, commented: “Trip Manager provides everything our customers need to self-serve on tailoring their trip – all in one place. From adding meals, bags, selecting seats and automatically checking into their flight it simplifies the travel process, allowing our customers to enjoy the experience.”​​

Intelligent Storefront and Self-Service Tools

Travelport continues its Intelligent Storefront mission with Travelport+. Enhanced APIs make it easier for agents to understand offers and compare brands with similar attributes on a like-for-like basis. Travelport customers will also be able to easily identify upsell offers with NDC and ATPCO fares, for a simpler, more modern browsing and shopping experience.

Agencies can better manage the hotel bookings they sell with a simple self-service rules engine, the Content Optimizer. This tool compliments previous improvements to fare management tools so that agencies can easily create and customize their own content rules. This will help travel agents maximize revenue across every trip they sell.

Travelport-connected agencies and customers can create a modern retailing experience for their customers by using the latest tools and capabilities, only available on Travelport+. For more information, please visit

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