TraknProtect Announces New Partnership with Safety NetAccess

TraknProtect announces a new partnership with Safety NetAccess, a guest internet and hospitality solutions provider. This news rounds out a year in which TraknProtect has aimed to solidify its position in hospitality technology, crafting strategic alliances with leading hospitality technology companies to create a perceptible shift in employee safety culture.

The safety button platform is designed specifically for the hospitality industry, to help hotels comply with their local or state laws for employee safety compliance, while also complying with the AHLA's 5-Star Promise. The TraknProtect safety solution can also help hotel employees summon assistance quickly and accurately to their location at the touch of a button.

Safety NetAccess has been designing, building and supporting wireless and wired networks for the hospitality industry since 2001 with a business model that complements TraknProtect's IoT real-time location tracking platform, which also includes inventory tracking, room tray tracking and vendor tracking. Offering integration with existing TraknProtect partners, such as Aruba and Ruckus, Safety NetAccess can further extend the seamless installation and service that have become the company's hallmark. Additionally, the TraknProtect employee safety platform will be integrated into the Safety NetAccess Portal (SNAP), which offers convenient centralized management, authentication, and reporting.

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