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Trabon Partners with 54th Street and True Food Kitchen to Manage and Publish Location Specific Menus

Trabon, a menu management technology solutions company, said it partnered with 54th Street and True Food Kitchen to use their MenuNet platform to easily modify and publish location specific restaurant menus.  Guests of 54th Street will also be able to customize their meals and filter by dietary need or desire using Trabon's My Meal, My Way Nutrition & Allergen Calculator, and Trabon will be printing and distributing all menus.

A menu content management tool, Trabon's proprietary MenuNet platform replaces manual artwork versioning and creates content ready for integration to other brand menu information channels including online ordering, third-party delivery and POS systems.  Integrating menu content from a single source platform drives greater menu accuracy across all brand touch points.

"We are excited for our new partnership with Trabon," said 54th Street Director of Marketing Kelly Reid.  "We feel strongly Trabon will help 54th Street streamline workflows and support brand growth by helping make menu customization by market easier to manage and communicate," added Graphic Designer Jill Alvarez.

True Food Kitchen is using MenuNet to help the health-driven, seasonal restaurant brand create location-specific menus that rotate four times a year and feature regional pricing and beverage offerings specific to a particular market. The 22 restaurant operation is also leveraging MenuNet's integration with Yext, which gives restaurant brands the ability to seamlessly update and publish consistent, accurate location-specific menu content, including pricing and nutrition, across the web. The MenuNet app in the Yext App Directory makes it easy for restaurants to manage menu content everywhere consumers look for it.

"Trabon is helping our marketing and operations teams manage a more efficient menu change process," said True Food Kitchen Vice President of Marketing Shannon Keller. "As a restaurant brand with detailed seasonal menu changes, True Food Kitchen will rely on MenuNet to help ensure our rotating menus are consistently accurate across all digital channels."

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