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TourConnect Adds to Global Network with Two New Zealand-Based Travel Brands

TourConnect, the global travel trade network for travel suppliers, tour operators and travel agents, is excited to announce that Wayfare Group (including Real Journeys, Go Orange, International Antarctic Centre, and Cardrona Alpine Resort) and Millennium Hotels & Resorts will be using TourConnect to help make their brands more efficient.  

In the upcoming year, the two respected brands will focus on streamlining their contracting process using TourConnect’s universal format for rates. (More info here.)

Why TourConnect?

  • Both companies wanted an easier way to manage the annual contracting process.
  • Their rates will be in a universal format that makes it easier for their buyers to load and sell.
  • The companies will be able to track when their partners view, download, accept, and load their rates.

How does using TourConnect help Wayfare and Millennium’s buyers/agents?

  • Companies/organizations currently working with either or both companies, will receive their rates in the TourConnect format this upcoming year.
  • Rates will be in a format that can be automated into any booking system – eliminating data entry.
  • You can view, download, and manage contracts, and any of other suppliers, in one centralized location.

 “Wayfare is excited to combine our iconic companies – Real Journeys, Go Orange, International Antarctic Centre, and Cardrona Alpine Resort – into one combined offering.  TourConnect will support this by streamlining our internal contracting process, while making it easier for our partners to load and sell our products.” – Anna Kerslake, Wayfare Group

“We look forward to providing our partners with a clean, universal rate format, while at the same time making it easier for our team to manage our contracting process.” – Brendan Davies, Millennium Hotels & Resorts

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