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TouchBistro Launches Restaurant POS Suite Optimized for Apple iPad Pro

TouchBistro has reimagined its iPad-based point-of-sale (POS) app for restaurants and bars to take advantage of the bigger 12.9 inch iPad Pro screen. The new TouchBistro 7.0, which will be available on the Apple App Store in January, ensures faster and more efficient order entry at the waiter station on the iPad Pro display, which is 78 percent larger than the 9.7 inch display of the iPad Air 2.
The iPad Pro screen offers the highest resolution (5.6 million pixels) of any iOS device. With the larger screen and resolution, TouchBistro now provides a POS system that is easier to read, shows more information, and is in a format more familiar to wait staff that have experience using the bigger screens on dated legacy systems at high-end restaurants. TouchBistro 7.0 also allows unlimited menus, and supports bigger floor plans for larger restaurants.
TouchBistro 7.0 can still be used on an iPad Mini by wait staff for mobile table-side order entry and payment processing. It provides restaurateurs and bar managers a greater choice of iPad POS system configurations from TouchBistro to support operations and customer service in the exact way they want to do business.
TouchBistro is also expanding its suite of products with the introduction of its new Kitchen Display System (KDS), Customer Facing Display (CFD) and Menu App. The Kitchen Display System improves restaurant efficiency by displaying orders that have been electronically entered at the waiter station or table-side and received wirelessly on an iPad installed in the kitchen. This not only eliminates the cost spent on paper each month for printed chits, but also helps maintain a less cluttered and more coordinated kitchen prep area for multiple chefs or prep staff working together to provide the most efficient service to customers.
The Customer Facing Display (CFD) is an iPad display at the counter that shows patrons the menu items ordered and the prices as they are entered. The CFD is particularly useful in quick-service-restaurants where patrons place their orders at the counter.
Restaurants can use the free Menu App to showcase their menus in full color and detailed description with nothing left to the imagination of the patron. Wine lists and specials can come to life like never before.
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