Total Control: RFID System Secures, Centralizes RRC Hluboka Guestroom Locks

Guests at the RRC HlubokÁ, a new 5-star hotel and spa complex located in the heart of South Bohemia in the Czech Republic, can now experience the latest in contactless access technology thanks to the latest in RFID hotel locking technology.
RRC HlubokÁ is the first hotel in Eastern Europe to install Aelement, a new RFID hotel security technology from SALTO Systems. This has been specifically developed for the hotel market, and provides a fully integrated real-time security solution that enables the hotel to combine its entire guest hospitality needs into one stylish, energy efficient and reliable wire-free locking system.
As a newly built hotel, the RRC HlubokÁ provides accommodation via 36 elegant and luxuriously appointed rooms where guests can relax alongside spectacular countryside, renowned for its famous ‘Rustic Baroque’ architecture, pine forests and innumerable castles and chateaux’s.  
Guest security
With regard to guest room security, the challenge for RRC HlubokÁ was how to effectively provide a multi-faceted RFID security solution that would not only complement the aesthetics of the new hotel, but also meet and exceed the high level objectives that RRC HlubokÁ had set for itself. After a considerable period researching the available applications and products that the hotel management thought may be suitable, RRC HlubokÁ chose SALTO Systems for their reputation as manufacturers of advanced technology security solutions to the hotel and hospitality industry, and the Aelement product in particular for its sleek looks and cutting edge design.
Installing this brand new product was straightforward, going straight out of the box and onto the door quickly, simply and with no problems. One of its great strengths for RRC HlubokÁ is the fact that, thanks to its wireless DNA technology, it is wireless right out of the box. At the moment RRC HlubokÁ has gone for a ‘Wireless ready’ configuration where guest room locks communicate with the server on a daily differed-time communication mode. In the future, when RRC HlubokÁ is ready, they can simply switch to real-time “Wireless on-line mode” just by plugging in a USB-sized RF communication antenna.
Other advantages
They system can control the security of the entire hotel from a single location including granting access privileges to individual guest rooms and gather audit trail data from every door in real time, all without leaving the front desk. Other benefits to include instant room move and instant extended stay abilities as well as lost card cancellation, intrusion alarm, door ajar alarm, remote opening, real time audit trail, passage mode activation for meeting rooms and automated low battery reporting.
An additional plus point for RRC HlubokÁ in choosing Aelement is that it is NFC (Near Field Communications) enabled. So if and when this technology becomes standard across a greater number of mobile phone handsets then at present, guests will be able to use their NFC enabled mobile phone to emulate a normal Mifare smart card turning it into their hotel room key. So when a guest with an NFC mobile phone makes a reservation with the RRC HlubokÁ, their room access rights can be sent directly to their phone.  
This in-built technology gives RRC HlubokÁ the ability to continuously upgrade its security arrangements without having to upgrade its locks, saving the hotel in long term operating costs while providing the hotel with what it needs most -- total control.
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