Toshiba Apps Boost Customizable Workflows

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Toshiba America Business Solutions introduces the Toshiba Workplace Productivity Bundle enabling organizations to capture, process and deliver documents at the touch of a button.   

The Toshiba Workplace Productivity Bundle is a collection of three apps that help customers digitize large volumes of paper documents, capture relevant business metadata, and deliver searchable files when scanned using Toshiba's multifunction printers (MFPs).  Toshiba's latest bundle simplifies digital workflows for finance, human resources, and legal as well as other departmental applications that are burdened with manual data entry from common forms or need to digitize paper documents for processing.   

The affordable Toshiba Workplace Productivity Bundle optimizes time and effort by quickly converting paper documents into searchable electronic documents that can be easily searched and retrieved.  Toshiba's new bundle moreover lets you set up templates, which automates digitizing, indexing and storing your business documents with a one-touch panel operation.  

Beyond eliminating tedious data entry, such ease-of-use offers peace of mind by allowing employees to validate captured data from the document (while flagging invalid data), then route and organize the information automatically.  

Automating the rapid conversion from paper to digital of large numbers of forms while eliminating manual entry errors differentiates Toshiba's apps bundle.  This capability is perfect for quickly, simply and securely processing organizations' vital documents including invoices, employee forms and paperwork for legal casework.  Presenting an assortment of features and benefits without the need for any external hardware or software, Toshiba's bundle is an ideal capture solution for small- to medium-size businesses.

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