Togo's Eateries Implements Social Loyalty Program

Chirpify, a provider of conversational conversion and social media loyalty solutions, and Paytronix Systems Inc., a provider of reward program solutions to restaurants and retailers, said they have partnered to bring social loyalty to Togo's Eateries LLC, a restaurant chain with more than 300 locations open or under construction. The combined Chirpify-Paytronix solution provides Togo's Eateries with new, valuable data about its social Tribe members, and it rewards Tribe members for their engagement and participation with the brand on social media.
Togo’s Eateries relies on the Paytronix reward solution to engage with its Tribe members in their channel of choice, whether that be mobile, in-store or online. With the addition of the Chirpify social media loyalty platform, the restaurant chain has extended its reach to engage with Tribe members in social media. This is an important element of any loyalty program as, according to research by Paytronix, loyalty members who are actively using Facebook and who are fans of the brand spend upwards of seventy percent more than the brand’s average program member.
Togo Tribe members that interact with the brand using a social trigger earn rewards in exchange for participating with the brand over social media. The Chirpify engine listens in the background for these social triggers, and once the triggers are set off, it can automatically and immediately reward Tribe members for their interaction. Linked to the Paytronix system through its easy-to-use API, Chirpify can recognize existing Tribe members and create accounts for new members.
Together the systems provide Togo’s Eateries with:
  • Deeper Customer Engagement: Adding social as a loyalty channel increases engagement as customers are rewarded beyond in-store spend, receiving points or other benefits for their social participation. People engage with Chirpify-driven brand posts and content on average 4x more than other content because there is an actual reason to do so. As Tribe members participate more, frequency of interaction increases which in turn grows and solidifies loyalty and advocacy. This self-reinforcing loop helps grow new customer acquisition through earned media and implied social proof.
  • Valuable Data: The Chirpify platform identifies and collects campaign conversion data by social ID and ties it to an existing Togo’s Tribe member account linked to a Paytronix wallet. With this data in hand, Togo’s Eateries can analyze how often members redeem points, assess campaign success across channels, and much more. Further, Togo’s can extend its cross-platform promotions to social media, using tools such as geo-targeting to promote events such as new store openings.
  • Relevance that Drives Customer Spend: Paytronix and Chirpify allow Togo’s Eateries to drive greater relevance to a growing Tribe through campaigns that reward members for specific behaviors. As people sharing brand moments grows, so does customer acquisition and the ability to broaden the brand’s reach. As membership grows, participation increases and its impact to the business grows, all resulting in significant top line value.
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