Toast Adds Guest Feedback Feature

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Toast Adds Guest Feedback Feature


Restaurant management platform Toast has added new features focused on the guest experience; the company unveiled Toast Guest Feedback, a multi-channel guest feedback platform built exclusively for restaurants.

With Toast Guest Feedback, restaurateurs can collect positive or negative reviews from dine-in guests when checking out with Toast Go; they are also able to collect feedback from diners ordering food to-go through Toast Digital Receipts. Restaurant managers can elect to receive an SMS notification every time a guest leaves a negative review.

Real-time feedback empowers restaurant operators to show their commitment to the guest experience by immediately addressing negative reviews. Timely responses to negative ratings are more important than ever – a Toast study found that 65 percent of one-star Yelp reviews were posted within one day of a poor dining experience. The Toast Guest Feedback report summarizes all reviews, providing restaurants with invaluable information that they can use to coach their staff, adjust their menu, and improve the guest experience.

“At SuViche, it's crucial that every single guest has a perfect experience; Toast Guest Feedback is our last line of defense in ensuring our guests leave happy. The majority of our diners are non-confrontational - but they still want to be heard,” said Ryan Egozi, director of operations for SuViche Hospitality Group. “Before Toast Guest Feedback, we would sometimes find guests wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing a negative experience in-person, so they would instead leave a negative review online. Now, we’re able to reach guests before they leave to make it right.”


Toast Kiosk

Increasingly, guests are looking for ways to spend less time in line or order their favorite meal from home. Toast’s self-ordering kiosks simplify the guest ordering experience and improve throughput in high-volume restaurants. New features include:

Payments and tipping: Guests have the option to tip when placing an order on a Toast Kiosk. Toast’s data shows that adding tipping to the checkout flow increases tips, on average, by 30 percent;

“Order is ready” text notification: When paired with Toast KDS, Toast Kiosk can automatically send guests an SMS message when their order is ready; and,

Brand management: The Toast Kiosk start screen is now customizable to incorporate brand colors and images. Restaurateurs can also highlight add-on items to incentivize guests to bolster their orders, or choose to hide menu items that they do not want to offer on a Toast Kiosk.